SlimRom (LG P990)
Details can be found on the post pages of the android versions (check the pages) .

 Unique SlimBean Features (link)

Slim Settings Navigation (by SlimRom - hope this will help by navigation through the settings)

  • The real dark Slim - Invert the whole ROM including Gapps with one click.
  • Notification drawer and and lockscreen shortcuts - Access your most important apps from everywhere.
  • Custom Quick Settings Tiles - Why just settings? Use whatever you want.
  • SlimPIE - Based on CM's PIE, inspired by PA's PIE with a light touch of Slim. A true community feature.
  • much more





just for testing, don't expect a working rom
IMPORTANT NOTE before testing
Create a backup of your existing rom.
You can't go back by just flashing over an older android version.
Some components of android 4.4 (eg. sqlite) are newer and fore an upfrade of the some date of your system (eg. database).


Not Working/Bugs

  • wifi tethering not working
  • bluetooth calls
  • sound record / search not working fixed in build 03
  • camcorder fixed in build 03
  • gps fixed in build01
  • camera fixed in Beta2
  • performance tools doesn't work -> use another tool
  • bluetooth is broken fixed in build01


Build 03
  • sound recorder problem fixed
  • camcorder problem fixed
  • remove call (no longer needed)
Build 02
  • back to stock bionic (TARGET_CPU_VARIANT := generic)
  • Use latest OpenGL ES V3.0
  • camera wrapper removed (thanks tonyp)
  • Search key fixed
  • optimisations (eg. dalvik, wifi scan interval)
  • some internal stuff (check github for all changes)
Build 01
  • Slim Rom - Build 2.1
  • GPS fixed
  • Bluetooth fixed
Beta 5
  • Slim Rom - Build 2
  • SELinux removed (until we have support for it) to fix some errors
Beta 4
  • Slim Rom - Build 1.9
Beta 3
  • Compiled with max optimisation (-O3)
  • DPI always at 160 should be fixed
  • some errors are fixed (logcat)
Beta 2
  • Camera fixed
Beta 1
  • It works

4.2 (development stopped)

Not Working/Bugs

  • the same known from cyanogenmod 10.1
  • sound record / search not working
  • No GPS (fixed in build02)
  • No WiFi Tethering (fixed in build02)
  • cpu clock always at 1000 MHz (kowalski kernel included in build03)
  • performance tools doesn't work -> use another tool


Build 3.3
  • the missing kowalski stuff is now included
  • use small font footprint
Build 3.2
  • camera is working again
Build 3.1
  • fixed an error in the install script
Build 3
  • merge both device folders into one (thanks tonyp)
  • using dalvik heap config for 512Mb RAM devices
  • kowalski M1 norh kernel included (thanks pengus77)
  • things I can't remeber
Build 2
  • wifi tethering fixed
  • gps fixed
  • dalvik/vm: Dalvik startup with a low memory footprint
  • dalvik: Get more RAM and faster responses by disabling verify-bytecode
  • Low memory optimizations
  • add the T2 camera wrapper and fix front camera orientation
  • update camera & gps hw blobs
  • init: allow graphics to kill the bootanimation
  • update power_profile with values from AOSP (Wingray / Tilapa) & LG P880
  • remove wallpaper overlay
  • add Tegra specific cpufreq policy stuff to fix Performance Processor Settings
  • Camera: disable software HDR
  • p990: underp automatic time
  • remove some live wallpapers
  • Various modifications of the kernel
Build 1
  • Initial build


  1. Wow! I am really impressed by the way you detailed out everything. It is really going to help me a lot. Thanks for sharing your thoughts so clearly.
    thank for sharing .
    Fixed Build development

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